Automated shades help maximizing daylight and optimizing seasonal building performance by increasing the building’s energy efficiency and productivity.

We are all about the environment. We help reduce your energy usage by controlling the amount of heat and light entering your space. Keep it cool in the summer and naturally warm and light in the winter. An automated shade stimulation in perimeter, private offices demonstrates that daylight-harvesting control can reduce lighting energy use by 65% or more.


With the simple touch of a button, you will be able to move your blind to whatever position you want. You can choose to add a hyperion solar adaptive solution so that the shades work for you in response to the changing position of the sun.

Looking to reduce your energy usage?

Our motorized shades enable you to do exactly that by controlling the amount of heat and light entering your space.

Loose cords and chains can be a danger.

By using a product without anything hanging, it will give you the peace of mind that the environment will be safe.

Our motors are fully concealed inside the tube of the blind.

It provides you a quiet, sophisticated, and discreet automated blind system.

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